Robert Shafer M.D.


Div. Infectious Diseases, S-156
Stanford University Medical Center


         Dr. Shafer is a Professor of Medicine and Pathology in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Stanford University.  He is an authority on the mechanisms and consequences of HIV evolution. Dr. Shafer created an online database ( that assists epidemiologists in performing HIV drug surveillance, physicians in interpreting HIV drug resistance tests, and basic scientists in developing new antiretroviral drugs. Dr. Shafer is the principal investigator for several NIH-funded HIV drug resistance projects and the technical director of Stanford University Hospitalís Genotypic Antiretroviral Resistance Program. He is one of the pioneers of next-generation deep sequencing technologies for the study of HIV, HBC, and HCV drug resistance.

Shafer's Integrity versus Stanford's Expediency: Tangled Patent Dispute Over 'Free' Drug-Resistance Database, Science 27 February 2009.  

Joe Mullen: The Fight of His Life. IP Law and Business. Apr/May 2009

Stanford Provost apologizes to Shafer for ABL deal: